Legal requirements to participate and vote at caucus

202A 16  Caucus, Who May Participate and Vote

Subdivision 1.  Eligible Voters

Only those individuals who will be eligible to vote at the time of the next state general election may vote or be elected a delegate or officer at the precinct caucus. An eligible voter may vote or be elected a delegate or officer only in the precinct where the voter resides at the time of the caucus.  

Subdivision 2.  Agreement With Party Principles

Only those persons who are in agreement with the principles of the party as stated in the party’s constitution, and who either voted or affiliated with the party at the last state general election or intend to vote or affiliate with the party at the next state general election, may vote at the precinct caucus.

Subdivision 3.  Decision by Caucus Vote

In case the right of a person to participate in the caucus is challenged, the question of the right to participate shall be decided by a vote of the whole caucus. A person so challenged may not vote on the question of the person’s right to participate.

Subdivision 4.  One Caucus Per Year

No person may vote or participate at more than one party’s caucus in any one year.

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