Caucus Agenda

Call to Order (7PM)

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome
  • Intro of temporary secretary
  • Explanation of legal requirements to participate
  • Intro of observers and other officials
  • Required business of the caucus
    • Elect permanent chair of the caucus
    • Elect permanent secretary of the caucus
    • Appoint tellers
    • U.S. Senate preference ballot
    • Gubernatorial preference ballot
    • Review duties of precinct officers
    • Open nominations for and elect precinct officers
    • Ask for contributions, explain Political Contribution Refund (PCR) Program
    • Recruit -
      • party volunteers
      • election judges
      • poll challengers
    • Review duties of delegates and alternates
    • Open nominations for delegates and alternates (must begin between 7:30 and 8:00)
    • Election of delegates and alternates
    • Delegates and alternates sign for convention call (March 8, 2014)
    • Discuss party platform
  • Close

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